How we work

People talking.png

We work collaboratively, involving stakeholders at every step in the project. We use a co-design framework to guide us, adapting it to each project.  

We’re prepared to change and iterate our approach as we find out more and see opportunities to make more impact.


The framework

We start by agreeing intent

What are we trying to achieve, what issue are we addressing?

We then explore

We talk to people involved, taking time to listen to peoples experiences, their motivations and barriers, what they find hard, where they see progress. We work to understand.

The information we gather is then analysed

We look for insights and themes and we burrow into finding what the issues are that lie at the heart of peoples experiences.

We then work collectively to design solutions and recommendations.

This could be with whanau, staff or communities – or all three.

Sometimes our work stops here

More often we continue to support people to implement the ideas that have been developed. Sometimes that’s mentoring, sometimes it’s working with staff or community groups, helping fund funding, building skills and developing resources. We want things to happen.

When we’re not out and about in communities we’re found in the Trades Hall Building in Wellington where we share offices with a group of social changers.