Our story


Connect+Co was set up officially on 1 April 2016 with a vision to develop and contribute to projects that create social change.


From humble beginnings

Founders, Elizabeth Goodwin and Sarah Scott set off with a project to support older people in mind. Then we got the first Connect+Co project. Then we got another one and another one. We opened up a bank account and an IRD and GST number to pay for parking and pens. We created email addresses and google docs and shared calendars. 

Then we really got to work. We interviewed people across the country, covered walls with stickies, wrote proposals and reports and tried to make sure that every step of the way we were respectful, generous and innovative.

We’d both worked in big organisations where there were layers all around us that made keeping focus on outcomes for people pretty hard. Then when we were out there on our own we felt a freedom to create a little company that really worked as hard as it can to do good stuff.

Sarah left in 2017 to return to full-time work. Her contribution to Connect+Co lives on. We have systems in place that are respectful to the people we work with, and we have that core vision of creating social change that was agreed to in our first joint office in Sarah’s spare room right at the beginning.

We continue to grow and develop as we take on new projects that each have their own flavour and partners. We remain open to ideas and we continue to find great people to include in our projects (in the last week we found a policy reviewer and a governance trainer...)

Director, Elizabeth Goodwin

Director, Elizabeth Goodwin