What we do

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We co-design.

We create social change with organisations and communities and the people who live and work in them.


For us that means spending time working to understand what a project or initiative is aiming to achieve and building a trusting relationship with the people we are going to work with. We work to understand the people the project is working to support and develop ways they can be involved meaningfully. One of the phrases we use often is “start knowing nothing” – we find that helps us to ask more questions and not leap to solutions.

We use a range of different frameworks and tools that we modify to fit the project and the timeframe.  Sometimes we facilitate two hour co-design sessions, sometimes the process takes several months.


We have worked on:

  • developing approaches to supporting parents and families with children with disabilities

  • developing support for adults and parents of small children with chronic conditions

  • reviewing/evaluating innovative programmes and tools

  • writing a submission to the Welfare Working Group

  • working with whanau to co-design projects that support different ways to learn

  • supporting a philanthropic organisation to refocus strategy and funding approaches

  • developing community-based approaches to positive parenting in Kiribati

  • designing government initiatives to address poverty

  • running an innovation lab with a major NGO

  • creating theories of change