Who we are


Connect+Co is a collaboration led by Elizabeth Goodwin. Elizabeth has been working alongside people living and working in communities for almost a decade, using a range of tools and methods that are collaborative and engaging.


Elizabeth has worked in leadership roles in NGOs and government, developing new projects and programmes and introducing innovative ways to reach and engage people. She is experienced in whanau-centred design, social marketing, facilitation, contract and funding management, communications and stakeholder engagement.

Elizabeth’s work at Connect+Co includes community co-design, strategy development, practical evaluation, participatory research and mentoring and coaching.

Josi Wilson works closely with Elizabeth, developing and delivering projects  across New Zealand, primarily in parenting. Josi has a extensive experience in whanau-centred design, team building, accessing funding and facilitation.

Connect+Co contracts additional staff for specific projects, including writers, communications planners, HR consultants and facilitators.